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The 30 for 30 INTRO
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Thai Massage is & how it can improve your quality of your life.


What is Thai Massage?

”Thai Massage” or "Thai Yoga Massage" is an eastern approach to manual therapy developed 2,500 years ago. It is traditionally done on a mat on the ground, you are fully clothed and is typically a more active type of treatment. There is a strong emphasis of stretching and twisting which gets incorporated during/between deep massage. In Thai Massage the Practitioner uses techniques such as acupressure, compression, joint mobilization and of course stretching.

This technique is highly regarded today for its many health benefits such as:

Stress Reduction

Muscle Pain & Spasticity Relief

Joint Stiffness & Pain

Enhanced Energy

Stimulates Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

Increased Flexibility & Range Of Motion

Headache Relief

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I have been going to Jeremy for regular Thai massage sessions for the last 18 months. From the free initial consultation, where he took the time to explain what was involved and find out what my areas of concern were and what I was hoping to achieve, to now he as been professional and supportive and his treatments very effective. He customizes his approach each and every session depending on my needs at the time. He has a very gentle manner and although it’s not always a comfortable experience getting the knots out and stretching out the tightness I always leave feeling looser, calmer and more relaxed afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeremy.
— Jane B.

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