Dear Low back pain...Nobody likes you.

Low back pain…

Everyone at some point in their life have experienced the annoying nagging lower back pain. Could be a dull aching pain when you first get up in the morning or pain that travels to the buttocks, legs and feet (known as Sciatica). All we know is that we want it to go away stat!

Why does it happen? Well, It could be a number of things…

- Activity level

- Sleep habits

- Posture

- Past injuries

Over the years of treating people, I have found that The first three listed are the most common BUT easily treated.



Almost everyone can benefit from stretching muscles in the low back, buttocks, hips and legs. (can you touch your toes or are your hamstrings screaming at you?) These big strong muscles are supporting your upper body and tend to get insanely tight. The more mobile these muscles are, the more the back can move without injury. Ya dig?

Now I know most of you don’t like to stretch because it takes up precious time or will stop after 5 min because its boring, but I promise you that you will feel a lot better!

I have a solution for all you lazy bums though and its called THAI MASSAGE. Thai Massage is a holistic eastern approach to manual therapy that consists of deep tissue massage with a strong focus on stretching. The 2 in 1 combo I find gets deeper, is more effective and leaves you feeling like a new person.

*For you gym rats, stretching and massage increases circulation in the body and helps you recover faster. That means less time time being sore and more time getting the results you want!

*For all you office working people who sit all day, getting up every hour or so to walk around and stretch is crucial to have a healthy back/body. 


It is extremely important to include strengthening exercises alongside your stretching routine, whether you are doing it on your own or with a trainer/practitioner.

Areas of focus to strengthen:

-Abdominals (Planks, hip lifts, crunches, flutter kicks…ect)

-Glutes (squats, hip abductions, hip raises…ect)

*When have a job where you sit everyday and you don't work out, Your muscles become lazy and stop firing. Basically they forget how to work properly. This results in other muscles working extra hard on stabilizing something they probably shouldn't. For example: If your butt isn't firing, the low back starts to work harder and...I think you get the point. 

So anyway, the answer is a strong core and butt. That is the secret sauce to preventing lower back pain. Remember, pain no matter how big or small is your bodies way of talking to you and asking for you to listen and pay attention. If you are dealing with annoying/chronic back pain, it is very important to listen to your body and take care of it before it becomes debilitating.

In conclusion, Stretching and Strengthening are the fundamentals of a healthy back & body.

- Jeremy Wulkan LHP, RYT

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