Office Yoga Routine (Video)


Most people spend more time in the office than at home...

Simply put, working a 9-to-5 desk job can be demanding, and lead to negative issues in our bodies. 


Office workers sit for hours and stare at screens. For the human animal inside you, this is one of the most unnatural things for your body. And to top it off, we sit and stare at screens for over 8 hours a day! 

Since many of us may not have the best posture to begin with, its crucial that we cultivate a positive mindset to be preventative about posture before it gets debilitating. 

Potential Issues: (I bet you have at least one of these issues)

1. Lower Back Pain
2. Wrist Strain
3. Neck & Shoulder Pain
4. Eye Strain
5. Tight Hips

What can we do about it?!

The Solution

CHANGE IT UP! We have many options to help combat the desk pains. Options like the Standing desk, the treadmill desk, and even sitting on fun stability balls.

Even with these awesome options there is still work that needs to be done, and might actually mean you have to get off your butt and something about it...Yup, you guessed it:

Stretching and strengthening exercises.

We got your back! Little Buddha Wellness has put together an In-Office Yoga Flow. You don't even need to leave your desk! 

Small breaks taken between work sessions can alleviate symptoms of tension or pain, as well as give your brain a boost of oxygen. This makes for a happy body, refreshed mind, ready to meet the next exciting challenge. 

Enjoy! Here's to your pain free success. 

Feeling better?

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