Initial Consultation & Treatment ($90+Tax)
Come and experience, understand and embody what Thai Massage is and how it can improve your quality of life. *New clients only


30 Minute Thai Massage ($60+Tax)

Spending days hunched over a computer, driving in a car or looking down at a cell phone a lot can really put a lot of pressure in the neck and shoulders. It’s where we carry most of our stress and it can be very uncomfortable causing stiff shoulders, lack of flexibility and headaches. This is greatly beneficial for people who don’t have much time in the day or carry most of their tension in the upper body.

60 Minute Thai Massage ($100+Tax)

The 60 min massage is a great way to take care of those tight and achy muscles. Whether or not you want to focus on certain areas or do a quick full-body massage, you will leave feeling rejuvenated.

90 Minute Thai Massage ($140+Tax)
The 90 min full-body treatment gives the perfect amount of time to slowly and thoroughly work the entire body allowing for a revitalizing experience.

120 Minute Thai Massage ($180+Tax)
The 120 min full-body reset. This 2 hour reset allows for a extremely thorough treatment. If bringing your body back into balance is a high priority in your life. This is the one for you. Be prepared to feel like a new person.


30 Minute Foot Massage ($60+Tax)
30 min treatment working the entire foot, ankle & calf. Identifying & treating problematic areas such as bones, muscles & organs by manipulation of specific areas when massaged & pressed.


30 Minute Gua Sha Treatment ($60+tax)
30 min treatment working on troublesome areas to promote circulation, remove muscle tension, adhesions and promote flexibility and mobility


60 Minute Energy Healing Session ($100+tax)
Just like our physical bodies, our energy centres can become unbalanced. There are 7 main energy centres. The Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown. These energy centres have responsibility of taking in & emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. When they become closed or unbalanced, it can result in emotional or physical discomfort.


60 Minute Sound Therapy Session ($100+tax)
Sound Therapy is used to rebalance & tune the body like you would tune an instrument that has gone flat through vibrations & frequencies. Different musical instruments (drums, rattles, bells, tuning forks, chimes, singing bowls etc..) are set to different frequencies and when used on the body & energy centres, the vibrations normalize the natural frequencies of the body. *New clients only*


The Monthly Maintenance Membership:

  • 1 Thai Massage/Month

  • Additional treatments at *Membership Rate

  • Shareable with 1 family member

  • 3 Month Massage Commitment *billed monthly every 4 weeks via automatic payment

60 Min Monthly Maintenance Membership ($85+Tax)

90 Min Monthly Maintenance Membership ($125+Tax)

120 Min Monthly Maintenance Membership ($165+Tax)