"No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” - DP


$90 FOR 90 MIN


Come and experience, understand and embody what Thai Massage is and how it can improve your quality of life.

Thai Massage is an eastern approach to manual therapy developed 2,500 years ago utilizing techniques such as acupressure, compression, energy, joint mobilization & assisted stretching providing an extremely effective approach to treat the body physically & energetically. It is traditionally done on a mat on the ground (table is also an option), you are fully clothed (typically wearing clothes that provide easy movement for stretching) and is a more active type of treatment moving in and out of different postures & positions.

This technique is highly regarded today for its many health benefits such as:

  • Stress Reduction

  • Muscle Pain & Spasticity Relief

  • Joint Stiffness & Pain

  • Enhanced Energy

  • Stimulates Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

  • Increased Flexibility & Range Of Motion

  • Headache Relief

I am super grateful I found Jeremy! He is super intuitive and effective with treatment. At my first session, I walked in with pain that bothered me all day long for 9 months.
I had it it treated by other professionals, but it never seemed to budge. One session with Jeremy and I haven’t felt that pain again for over a month. I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone who is craving a deep stretch and space to fully surrender into treatment. Jeremy is that safe space.
— Gloria B



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