I began seeing Jeremy regularly 9 months ago to help reset my body after a particularly stressful period that left my body in pain, in knots and not functioning at full capacity. He helped me when others could not. Under his care, my body has recovered well, in fact, it has never felt so good. I appreciate his kind care and calm demeanor. He is genuinely interested in treating the person not just a symptom. I continue to see Jeremy regularly to keep my body limber and moving well. I highly recommend a visit to see him - your body will thank you.
— Denise S.
I have been going to Jeremy for regular Thai massage sessions for the last 18 months. From the free initial consultation, where he took the time to explain what was involved and find out what my areas of concern were and what I was hoping to achieve, to now he as been professional and supportive and his treatments very effective. He customizes his approach each and every session depending on my needs at the time. He has a very gentle manner and although it’s not always a comfortable experience getting the knots out and stretching out the tightness I always leave feeling looser, calmer and more relaxed afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeremy.
— Jane B.
I have been going to Jeremy for several months and I always feel great after a treatment. Thai massage was new to me and I had massage treatments before, but I was quite impressed with how Jeremy’s technique, his quiet presence, and concern for my physical well being. There are no lotions, props, or laying on a table. The room that he uses has a calming ambiance, all work is done on the floor on a mat, there is a change room area and bathrooms. Signing up for sessions is easily done online. If you are not sure about Thai massage, you can also register for one of Jeremy’s excellent workshops.
— Margaret B.
I’ve had some good massages in the past but Jeremy is THE absolute best. He asked really specific questions to find out how he could help me. He’s the only therapist that has had just enough pressure to get the job done without it hurting. Some massages are too light or too painful. Jeremy definitely knows what he’s doing and you can tell he’s very passionate about what he does. Even my friend who recently has gone through some medical issues said his massage was mind blowing and helped her out immensely!
— Michelle T.
Jeremy is one of the most exceptional massage therapists I have ever experienced. His intuitive touch expertly discovers blocks in the body. I highly recommend him.
— Diana M.
Jeremy is such a wonderful human being. He is incredibly centered, calm, and caring. I was immediately relaxed as soon as he started my Thai massage. By the end of our session, I was just a puddle on the floor. Book an appointment with Jeremy ASAP! Your body and mind will thank you.
— Karin T.
Jeremy is outstanding! Going to him has really helped me reduce muscle tension and overall stress in my life. Every session I attend he expresses genuine interest in my wellbeing. He is serious about helping any physical ailments and discomfort. His massages are the ultimate relaxation that everyone needs in their life. Highly Recommended
— Glenda M.
Jeremy has an amazing energy that he utilizes while he works through every problem that you have. He’s on a mission to help you towards your needs. My back was very stiff and I had no flexibility in my legs. After the massage and stretches that were done, I was able to touch the ground! I have never been able to do that in my life! I would definitely recommend Jeremy who is in pain. You definitely will not regret it!
— Stefen C.
Jeremy is a great practitioner, he listens to your concerns and eases any nervousness you have about the massage. He is very patient and understanding, I struggle to let my limbs go limp to get the full benefit of some of the moves, Jeremy is wonderful at coaching and encouraging you to fully release yourself into the massage. I can’t say better things about Jeremy. Would highly recommend to anyone considering Thai Massage!
— Ashley E.
Jeremy is such a caring, genuine and over all wonderful person. He has a calming aura that captivates the room. I was very comfortable with him and loved the massage. After the massage I was so relaxed and felt like a new woman. I highly recommend him for any and all services.
— Haley W.
I was immediately drawn to Jeremy’s physical calmness and high spiritual energy.
His Thai massages are unique, calming and leaves you feeling more intact on so may levels. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to relieve physical or emotional stress or anxiety or just treat them self to a relaxing self-care experience.
— Shoshana C.
Jeremy is one of the best Thai Massage Practitioners I’ve ever experienced! Incredibly intuitive and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him!
— Irina M.